European Countries With Open Borders

There are so many countries in Europe but not all of them are welcoming to expats. If you are considering moving to Europe for good, then you need to know which countries are the friendliest to expats. Thanks to AC repairs Chaska for sponsoring this post and supporting us in providing helpful information for people looking for travel assistance throughout Europe. Please continue to read on to learn about the top countries in Europe who welcome expats and other immigrants with open arms.


This country is known for its sunny climate. Just like the weather, its people are also warm in welcoming expats. Majority of the expats feel at home straight away. One loving characteristic of people in Portugal is they always look after each other.


Spain’s economy is not as strong as other countries in Europe but it takes great pride in maintaining a work and life balance. It is a family-friendly country. Expats easily feel at home because of the warmth and welcoming attitude of Spanish. Foreign national can easily get along with the Spanish culture.


Expats in Switzerland has a high level of disposable income and economic confidence. The socio-political aspect in Switzerland is also good, which makes it even more appealing to expatriates.

The Netherlands

This laid back country is known for its picturesque windmills, flat landscape, and beautiful tulips. Not to mention, people in The Netherlands are family-centered. It also has a high-quality education and childcare, which is a perfect country for raising a family.


This country is known for its strong economy. It provides job security, which is one of the reasons why people from all over the world want to move to Germany not only for work but for good. The life and work balance is something that every expat enjoys.


It is one of the best countries for growing a family. Expats can surely enjoy a healthy quality of life. The cost of rearing children is lower when compared to other European countries. Social tolerance is also good.


The cost of living in France is somewhat similar to that of The Netherlands. The rent is cheap and the price of gas is affordable. Food is a bit expensive though, but overall, the quality of life is great. Not to mention, the French is very welcoming to expats. Their love for humanity makes them one of the best destinations for expatriates.


It is a fun place to live, especially for people who are fond of socializing. When it comes to health, people in Russia are not the health conscious type primarily because most of their foods are meat and doughy leading to cholesterol build-up. When it comes to the quality of life, Russia will not disappoint.


There are a lot of great opportunities awaiting young people, especially those who want to get international experience. It is also the best country for raising a family. It ranks first for quality of life and third for quality of education.

Europe has a lot to offer to all types of expats. The countries mentioned above are the ones highly recommended for expats as they have a lot of opportunities to offer. Not to mention, they are very welcoming to people from other nation.