Top 5 Festivals in Europe

Europe is known for its colorful festivals. Many people from all over the world look forward to Europe festivals because they are a perfect opportunity to get the place more, shop, eat local foods, and get to know the locals and meet new friends. We created a list of top five must-see festivals in Europe. They are the following:

1.       Carnival of Venice – This is celebrated in Italy which is one of the famous carnivals in Europe. It is usually celebrated in February or March; the date changes every year. It is a two-week long celebration characterized by its distinctive mask, which is truly a work of art. Some of the things you can expect from the carnival of Venice are gondola parade, gala balls, and concerts. To take part in the carnival celebration isn’t that expensive at all. Tickets are cheap but the plane ticket is expensive, especially during carnival season.

2.       Edinburgh International Festival in Scotland – This is celebrated in August. It is an international festival which lasts for three weeks around the middle of August. It is a festival of art in which artists from across the globe perform in the said festival: dance, music, theater, and opera. Scotland has been celebrating this festival since 1947. The festival is celebrated in the Hub close to Edinburgh Castle. A part of the celebration is the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo by the British Armed Forces and international military bands. If you want to be a part of the celebration, then you have to book in advance as plane tickets are usually expensive when the festival is nearing. Hotels and hostels book up really fast too. So, it would be convenient to book in advance to guarantee a place to stay.

3.       Oktoberfest – It is a festival celebrated in mid-September to October in Munich, Germany. The festival usually lasts for 16 days. The first Oktoberfest was in 1810 and is held in Theresienwiese near Munich’s center. What can you expect from Oktoberfest? Well, you can expect a vast quantity of beer, sausages, pretzel, and Germany’s traditional foods. There are also costume parades and rides which will be truly enjoyed by the entire family. Bands play the Oktoberfest classics the whole night through.

4.       St Patrick’s Festival – It is a festival celebrated in Dublin, Ireland in March. It commemorates St. Patrick, who is a patron saint of Ireland; a celebration of the Irish culture. The purpose of the festival is for Irish descent to be proud of their culture and heritage. What can you expect from the festival? Well, expect to enjoy some great music, treasure hunting, dancing, boat race, and a colorful parade. There is also green beer flowing in the pubs.

5.       Bastille Day – it is celebrated every 14th of July in Paris, France. The locals call the festival La Fête Nationale. A military parade is held on the morning of 14th of July and fireworks in the evening. Public concerts and dancing the night away are just some of the things you can expect from the festival.